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Primary school maths - 25
Secondary school maths - 30
GCSE maths - 35
A-level maths - 40
A-level further maths - 40
University entrance exam preparation - 50
Casual adult learners - 35

Personal Information:
My name is Jamie Mayor. I'm 27 years old, a maths graduate from the University of Bath (MMath), and former Maths Teacher and Key Stage 5 Coordinator at a well known and very successful secondary school and sixth form in Bath.

I have been a Maths tutor on and off since I was in sixth form, alongside my studies and career, with roughly 4-5 years experience in total across a variety of ages and abilities (as well as 4 years experience as a full-time teacher). I'm fortunate that I discovered my passion for teaching and tutoring at a relatively young age, as I have already been able to guide many students at primary, secondary and sixth form level towards their goals.
In recent years, I had to stop almost all of my tutoring due to the demands of being a teacher, but I have since made the decision to become a tutor full-time. I am thoroughly looking forward to rediscovering the reward that comes from building strong relationships with my tutees and supporting them to make progress both in the short and long term. If I can pass on just a little bit of my infectious enthusiasm for the subject at the same time, then all the better!

I would like to keep my tutoring experience as varied and fulfilling as I possibly can, and so I welcome tutees of all levels from any background. Whether you are preparing for GCSE, A-level or University entrance exams, or just aiming to improve your general numeracy skills, it would be a privilege to give you the support that you need to meet your goals.

My experience, both tutoring and teaching, has been invaluable in helping me shape the tutor I strive to be going forwards.

Jamie Mayor - Maths Tutor Bath, Bristol

Jamie Mayor


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