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  • Up to A Level Business Studies
  • Up to A Level Economics

Areas Covered

GCSE Business Studies
GCSE Economics
A level Economics (all boards)
A level Business (all boards)

Price and Range:
35 for GCSE,
35 AS and A level
35 for online tuition

Personal Information:
I am a highly qualified teacher of Business Studies and Economics. I have over thirty years teaching experience in a wide range of both private and state schools within the UK and abroad. My qualifications include an MA in Economics and Business Studies, BA in Economics and a Certificate of Education (Teaching). I have tutored all sorts of tutees and have helped a huge number overcome their difficulties. I am really proud of the examination success of my tutees.

My approach is to teach in an interesting and often practical manner in order to help illustrate what can often be challenging models. Bringing the subject alive and making it relevant is always my goal but at the same time staying with the academic rigor of the topic being learnt. The use of relevant case studies and past examination papers is part of my approach to make learning as effective as possible.

I regularly tutor AQA, Edexcel and OCR specifications which allows me to have a real insight into the requirements of all the examination boards. Having been an A level question setter has also added to the experience which I can pass on to my tutees. My tutees clearly benefit from a better understanding of how their answers can be improved to gain much higher grades.

I am very aware of the difficulty many students have with graphical models as well as multiple choice and essay writing. My years of teaching have given me a wide range of approaches to help tutees realise their potential and then gain excellent results.

I am patient, have a good sense of humour and am easy to get along with. As a result my many tutees feel relaxed and able to gain the most from the tutoring I can offer which helps them to reach their target final grade.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 20 miles of S60

Mon-Fri only day and eve

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