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Politics- A level, Degree, Post Graduate
History-GCSE, A level, Degree, Post Graduate
Hebrew-GCSE, A level, Degree, Post Graduate
International Relations-Degree, Post Graduate
Middle Eastern Studies-Degree, Post Graduate

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100 per hour

Personal Information:
I am a full-time, professional private tutor with years of experience, and an immensely successful record with my tutees. A former Teaching Fellow at King's College London, I have degrees from the universities of London, Jerusalem and Cambridge. Author of 'Israel and the Cold War' (I.B.Tauris, 2013), I have reviewed for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and have written for several academic journals and newspapers. I was the first recipient of the Mikardo scholarship awarded by the British Foreign Office, and, whilst at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was awarded a Golda Meir Fellowship. Whilst at Cambridge, I won a Donner prize in Atlantic Studies. I am available for dissertation consultation, proofreading, and help in exam and essay writing. As of 2021, my students have won places to, inter alia, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, KCL, Birmingham, York, Sheffield, Nottingham and Sussex. For peace of mind, I have an enhanced DBS check, and am subscribed to the annual update service.

I have taught MA courses on the Arab-Israeli conflict, US and British Foreign Policy, War and Peace in the Middle East, and Inter-Faith Relations. A fluent Hebrew speaker, I was Peer Tutor in Hebrew at University College London, where I was awarded the departmental prize for excellence in the Hebrew language. In addition to one-to-one and online tuition throughout the academic year, I also offer intensive tuition during school and university holidays.

Tutoring Approach
Patient, understanding, relaxed, interactive, theme-based, and multi-disciplinary. Use of past papers, both Edexcel and AQA new and old specifications, analysis, evaluation, deconstruction of exam and essay questions, concepts, and requirements. Development of essay and exam structure. I pay particular a student's self-confidence and self-expression, which often serve as catalysts for enhanced self-belief and, hence, success.

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