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  • Post graduate Dyslexia
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Further education - A Levels and vocational college courses
Higher education - Academic writing and study skills
Adult learners
Dyslexia screening and feedback report
Editing and proof reading to improve the quality of written work

Price and Range:
GCSE and A Level - £50

Higher education - £55

Adult learners - £55

Dyslexia screening and report - £120

Proofreading and editing - Please contact me to discuss your needs

Personal Information:
I am a Specialist Dyslexia Tutor with over 10 years’ experience of supporting students in secondary, further and higher education. I am a Professional Member of the British Dyslexia Association and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I am a fully qualified secondary school English teacher and have previously worked for three London universities as a Specialist Study Skills and Academic Writing Tutor. I currently work with students in the east of England.

I am passionate about helping students achieve their potential. My experience has shown me just what a difference one-to-one tutoring and specialist intervention can make. Not only have I seen the improvement in my students’ academic ability, but the difference to their self-esteem and confidence has been immeasurable.

My tuition is designed to support students with all aspects of their academic work. I help my students to plan and write their essays with confidence, stay on track with their academic reading and most importantly - reach their academic potential. My knowledge and experience enable me to use a blend of specialist teaching strategies which help students to understand and work with, rather than against, their dyslexia.

My tuition also helps students develop strategies to learn effectively and successfully online.

I carry out full dyslexia screenings. This is a comprehensive test which is followed by a detailed feedback report.

I also offer a proofreading and editing service to improve the clarity, tone and flow of academic writing.

When working with students my aim is to boost their confidence, and in turn their ability, through friendly, patient and creative tutoring. My lessons are tailored towards the individual strengths and talents of the learner and are designed to improve their writing and study skills, whilst also enabling them to become successful independent learners.

Holly Brown - Dyslexia, Study Skills, English & English Literature Online Tuition

Holly Brown


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