Dr. Hilary Perkins - Philosophy, English & History Tutor Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne & Ferndown


  • A Level English
  • GCSE English
  • A Level English Literature
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE History
  • A Level History
  • Up to Post graduate level Philosophy

I teach English Literature, English Language and History at GCSE, A level and degree level.

Price and Range:
I charge 35 per hour for GCSE and 45 per hour for A level and degree.

Personal Information:
I have a PhD in English, an M.A. in Literature and an undergraduate degree in English and History.

I have taught in local schools, at a Russell Group University and have tutored privately for more than 15 years. I teach GCSE and AS/A level English. History and Philosophy and also have vast experience of teaching creative writing, as well as English skills for business. I have also helped many students with their personal statements for university entrance.

I pride myself in being able to effectively communicate my enthusiasm for my subjects in an accessible and interesting way, tailoring tutorials to individual and specific needs. I am very 'down to earth' and have a good sense of humour for an academic!

I have a current DBS certificate.

Hilary Perkins - Philosophy, English & History Tutor Bournemouth, Dorset

Dr. Hilary Perkins


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07748 803 084

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