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Is water wet?  What is a flame?  Why do non-stick pans not stick and why do some things explode?  These are the sort of questions that fascinated me as a child, and I found the answers in chemistry!

Sure, we chemists have to balance equations and calculate energies, and some of that is hard, but I have never lost sight of the fascination of chemistry, and how it can explain so much about the world we live in.  I have applied this to my own research, recently in extraction of useful things from plants and seaweed.  I have also particularly enjoyed passing on this insight to PhD students, pupils during work experience at our laboratory and demonstrations and experiments at primary schools.  I also know that knowing is not enough, you have to be able to explain it, whether that is me to a student or the student to the examiner.  How we answer exam questions is important too.

Not everyone shares my passion for chemistry, and that is OK.  Maybe you want to bump up a grade or two and never look at a chemistry book again. I believe that I can help you to a better understanding of the subject, better grades and maybe some more love for chemistry as well. 

I have a first class degree in applied chemistry and a PhD from University of Leeds. Contact me for a chat and you can decide if I can help you achieve your goals.

Harold Vandenburg - Chemistry Tutor Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Harold Vandenburg

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