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  • A Level Chemistry
  • GCSE Science

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GCSE Sciences
A level Chemistry

Price and Range:
Flat rate 50 per hour

Personal Information:
I think I was born to teach! I love seeing the penny drop when someone really gets their head around something. I am very experienced at tackling misconceptions and asking probing questions to see that understanding is secure.
I have been a teacher for nearly 15 years having worked as a Scientist before that. I have tutored for the last 20 years and have shared in successes achieved by many previous tutees.
A level Chemistry is where I really shine. I adore the subject and would hope to inspire and challenge while I break complicated ideas down and show pupils how to decode questions and maximise their marks in exams.

Hannah Oliver - Chemistry & Science Tutor Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Hannah Oliver


Listing type: Tutor

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Up to 5 miles of AL9

Mon-Fri Evenings

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07802 448 613

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