Gwen Moles - Biology & Science Tutor Retford


  • A Level Biology
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Science

Areas Covered

GCSE Science
GCSE Biology
A-level Biology

Price and Range:
GCSE 25 per hour
A-level 30 per hour

Personal Information:
I have worked as a science teacher for the last 15 years, teaching both combined and triple science and A-level Biology. In addition to this I am a GCSE Biology Examiner. I have a Masters in Science Education as well as a PGCE and a BSc in Biology.

I have a friendly and enthusiastic approach to tutoring with relaxed but purposeful sessions which aim to motivate learners as well as improve their grades.

I am able to explain complex topics breaking them down into manageable chunks and as such increase both understanding and confidence in my students.

Thorough preparation for the exam is essential. I will work with students to help improve examination technique and confidence with the subject material ready for the exam, by use of past examination papers specific to their exam board.

Gwen Moles - Science & Biology Tutor Retford, Nottinghamshire

Gwen Moles


Listing type: Tutor


Distance travelled:
Up to 2 miles of DN22

All days day and eve

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07817 874 592

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