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Maths (KS3)
Maths (A-Levels/IB)

Price and Range:
Maths (KS3)- 45 per hour
Maths (KS4/GCSE)- 45 per hour
Maths (A-Levels)- 45 per hour

Personal Information:
Hi there! I am a bubbly and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about maths. From a young age, mathematics has always fascinated me. This keen interest that I had in maths motivated me to do well in this subject and as a result, I attained A* in GCSE maths, A* in A-level maths and 77% overall in A-level further maths.

Apart from studying hard to achieve these results, I also believed I did well because of the influential maths teachers I had. I believe that every student has the ability to do well in maths; they just need someone who is patient, energetic, compassionate and friendly.

My tutoring style is very interactive. Rather than just spending a whole session talking to the student, I believe in questioning them and getting them to share their ideas with me.
I also provide techniques that I used to help me do well in the exams. I do not believe in rote learning i.e. teaching students a method and getting them to memorise it. To me, it is essential that students have a conceptual understanding of what they are learning. This will help them with challenging questions and also develop their problem solving.

As well as having more than five years of experience working as a maths tutor, I also have a PGCE in secondary maths from King's College London. The skills that I have gained in this course is also incorporated in my lessons.

Over the years, I have tutored students from a variety of schools including Dartford Grammar, Farringtons School, St Olave's, Hayes School, Ravenswood School, Bromley College, Cobham Hall, The Rochester Grammar School and King's Rochester. My A-Level students achieved outstanding grades in their A-Level maths and have secured places to King's College London, University College London and London School of Economics.

I also provide online tuition. Contact me for more details.

Georgia Sanni- Maths Tutor In Rochester, Kent

Georgia Sanni


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