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  • Up to Degree level Maths

Areas Covered

I teach and Tutor the following subjects :
Undergraduate level (Maths;engineering Maths)
A level Maths
GCSE Maths
Entrance Exams
GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Physics.

Price and Range:
A level Maths : 35/hr; 2hrs: 60
GCSE Maths: 30/hr; 2 hrs: 50
11 PLUS : 30/hr; 2hrs: 50
Entrance Exams:30/hr; 2 hrs: 50
GCSE Chemistry : 30/hr; 2 hrs:50
GCSE Physics: 30/hr; 2 hrs : 50
Undergraduate Maths;Engineering Maths: 50/hr.

Personal Information:
I hold a BSc (with Honours) and MSc in Maths. I also hold a PGCE(M) in Education and i am a qualified Maths teacher. I have been enjoying home tuition for over 7 years now and i am also a Part -time Maths Teacher in School and college. I am also doing a PhD in Maths(Part-time).
I have helped countless students build their confidence and enhance their knowledge in Maths and Science.
I always tend to use ways and methods that are easier to understand and instil the can do attitude to the learner - if they can only practice what we do in Maths and Physics, they will surely get good grades in their exams.
I have a great passion for tutoring Maths as i know how to break it in a way that will make it easier for students to understand.

My approach is to go through each topic the learners have done in class(initial assessment ) and that will enable me to quickly identify their strengths and areas of improvement, afterwards we will focus on past exams papers which will become a formality after the learner has grasped all the chapters they have covered with me.
Thank you.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Over 20 miles of OL11

All days day and eve

Crb check:
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07446 215 076

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