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All abilities welcome

Price and Range:
£40 a 1/1.5hr per private session upto 4 children.
I am happy to take details to book you into a slot which we currently have running if you are happy to share with other children (4/5 max in a group) price is £10 a session or £8.75 block booking.

Personal Information:
Do you enjoy fashion and textiles?
Iím Diane and would love to share my knowledge and skills with you.
I have had my own successful pet and homewares retail and manufacture business for the past 10years. For the last year I have introduced sewing workshops to the business in particular to teach children the joys of sewing. Textiles is promptly being phased out of schools and I believe itís a lifelong skill vital to know and is essential for gross motor. Whether thatís learning the basic seams, designing or making your own clothes and homewares or up-cycling products.
I also believe that every individual deserves to be treated with respect and have their creative strengths used in a positive way, help to nurture their interests and be given the patience to help them flourish, which is why all abilities are welcome.
Sessions are catered specifically to the child or group and we work on individual areas aswell as working towards a larger product.
We offer our public venue or for extra cost can attend yours.

Diane Greenhough - Sewing Tutor Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Diane Greenhough


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Distance travelled:
Up to 5 miles of LN5

All days day and eve

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07734 393 823

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