Debbie Payne - Dyslexia, Moderate Learning Difficulty (MLD), Dyscalculia, SpLD, SLD, SEN & EFL Tutor Llanelli,


  • Adult Education EFL
  • Primary Dyscalculia
  • Adult Education Dyscalculia
  • Primary Dyslexia
  • Adult Education Dyslexia
  • Primary Moderate Learning Difficulty MLD
  • Primary SEN
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  • Adult Education SpLD
  • Primary SLD

Basic Skills and Dyslexia (Literacy & Numeracy) from Infants to Adults.

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A 1-hour lesson is 25

Personal Information:
I have been a teacher/home tutor to children and adults of all ages for over 30 years. Most of the children/adults I have taught lack confidence as they found literacy and numeracy too confusing.

I believe in building positive relationships which develop trust and mutual respect. I am motivated, have a passion and a love of learning that I bring to each of my lessons.

I work with the pupil/student to find their strengths and their preferred learning style. I achieve this by adapting resources and using a range of strategies to meet each individual's needs. This way of learning helps motivate the individual, they gain self-esteem and their confidence grows, which leads to successful and amazing outcomes.

There are many examples of success stories that I could share, but I have chosen one of a young person who could not grasp basic literacy and numeracy. Initially, he had no confidence in himself, but he recently completed a teaching qualification and is now a teacher himself. The second is of a 40-year-old person, learning to read and then gaining employment for the first time.

Debbie Payne - Dyslexia, Moderate Learning Difficulty (MLD), Dyscalculia, SpLD, SLD, SEN & EFL Tutor Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

Debbie Payne


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Up to 10 miles of SA32

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07724 138 841

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