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A level Physics

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A level 35

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I am a Cambridge Natural Sciences graduate and have been teaching since 1992. In my classroom career, as well as being Head of Physics, I have been an A level examiner for AQA. I was asked as a favour five years ago to tutor a friend of a friend and have since tutored every year. I have now given up classroom teaching to only be a tutor. I love Physics and try my utmost to help people understand difficult concepts using a variety of strategies until we find the one that works. While I pre-plan every lesson, if the student wants to follow a different direction, that's the way we go!

Debbie Botham - Physics Tutor Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Debbie Botham


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Up to 10 miles of S42

All days day and eve

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07790 819 161
07790 819 161

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