David Edon - Maths & English Tutor Leeds, Morley, Dewsbury & Batley


  • Pre-School Maths
  • KS1 & KS2 Maths
  • Adult Education English
  • Up to A Level English
  • Pre-School English

Areas Covered


-Key Stage 1
-Key Stage 2
-Year 6 SATS
-Key Stage 2 Entrance Exams
-Key Stage 3
-A Level English Language
-QTS English


-Key Stage 1
-Key Stage 2
-Year 6 SATS
-Key Stage 2 Entrance Exams

Price and Range:
All lessons are 25 per hour.

Personal Information:
I have a BA (Hons) English Language degree and teaching experience of English and Maths for over nine years. Outstanding academic results are achieved by my students at all levels.

My focus is to aid each student to reach their potential through specifically tailored lessons designed to make learning fun. I have a strong belief that for people of all ages, learning can be enjoyable, and if you adore the process, you are much more likely to progress!

Every session includes lots of workbooks, educational games, novels and prizes (for younger students)!

Another thing that a I believe is key for any tutor's success is to give a student belief, as when confidence is attained, the student's levels tend to rapidly improve as well. Therefore my extremely energetic approach to teaching is vital in creating confidence and making huge improvements.

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than a student achieving their goal, be it a particular level they need to attain or a skill they need to improve.

For more information and testimonials please visit www.edonandedon.com

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Mon-Fri only day and eve

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07548 849 544
0113 253 0589

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