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I've been working for over 25 years as a physicist/engineer and work part-time for a local physics-based company. Previous educational work includes Open University tutoring, college lecturing and some private tutoring. I've supervised a number of students - from work experience to MSc projects and have seen my own children through GCSE, A-level and on to university.

I have been working as a private tutor for the last 5 years, mostly face-to-face in students homes. I have been a tutor now for over five years, my tutoring experiences, gained mainly, with students in their homes offering face-to-face tuition. I have also been a teacher in both a primary and secondary school in Kenya, teaching computing and physics.

I believe that my experience in using science/engineering during my working life improves my ability to teach. This is an important part of my approach to teaching. It is far better to teach from having used a subject than simply from what has been learned in an educational environment. I continue to work as a professional physicist, which keeps one of my feet in the world of practical science.

David Bell- Online Computing, Science, Electronics, Physics & Maths Tutor Devon

David Bell


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