Clare Jimenezz - French, EFL & Spanish Tutor Formby, Ormskirk & Southport


  • All levels French
  • All levels EFL
  • Up to GCSE Spanish

Areas Covered

Languages Tuition

Price and Range:
Ł30 per hour

Personal Information:
I am a fully-qualified and fully DBS-checked teacher with 20+ years of successful classroom teaching experience.
My exam results have always exceeded targets set because I believe that my students should see their academic target grades as a guide and not a ceiling. I am passionate about passing on my knowledge of language and about changing the mindset of those who see languages as “difficult”. I am most satisfied in my work when my students are able to overcome barriers to their learning and reach their full potential.
I assess a student’s needs in an initial (free) session. My lessons are then fully tailored to each student’s requirements and incorporate all areas of the school curriculum, as required.
In addition to regular tuition sessions, I also offer separate school-holiday booster sessions - either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Clare Jimenez - French, Spanish & EFL Tutor Ormskirk, Lancashire

Clare Jimenez


Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of L39

All days day and eve

Crb check:
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