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I have had over 30 years experience of teaching A level Mathematics & Physics in a Sixth-Form College and 16 years as a private tutor at GCSE and A level. .I have a PhD in Physics as well as a first class honours degree. I am enthusiastic about my subjects and a patient and supportive tutor. As a tutor I am able to share my love of Physics and Mathematics with young people as well as helping them to raise their level of achievement and thereby fulfill their ambitions. My years of experience in the classroom, and as a private tutor, have given me the ability to communicate mathematical and scientific concepts clearly and to generate a desire for knowledge and success in examinations. I have a friendly and approachable manner and attach importance to being reliable and punctual.
I only tutor pupils who can travel to my home in Old Church Warsop which is near Mansfield. However, I can offer tutoring online via SKYPE.

Charles McLaughlin - Maths & Physics Tutor Mansfield,  Nottinghamshire

Dr Charles McLaughlin


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