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I have a first degree in English from Oxford, a Master's degree in Education and a PhD in Children's Literature. I qualified as a primary school teacher in 1983 and have taught in many schools as a class teacher and also as a supply teacher, while bringing up my own three (now adult) children.

I believe that many children 'fall behind' at primary school simply because the curriculum, especially for maths, tends to be taken at an excessive speed, allowing little time for practising and securing concepts. I have had many pupils leave me after a relatively short time, having regained their lost confidence. I am told I am a warm, patient and friendly tutor, flexible enough to teach any area of concern at short notice and to fit in with exactly what the parent asks for, but also professional and well-organised, with up-to-date knowledge of what happens in schools. I offer homework if desired, contact by phone and email whenever required and time for a chat with the parent before or after lessons.

I find that my pupils enjoy our time together, although I never set out to make lessons particularly entertaining; the children thrive on the one-to-one attention and the opportunity to ask for help without feeling at all threatened. I am equally happy to offer basic literacy or maths skills or to help prepare children for SATs or entrance examinations. Currently I teach individuals aged from five to fourteen and enjoy the company of all age groups in their different ways!

I am of the firm belief that a sound education in the basics at primary school age is the best possible foundation for later success in work and in life.

Please note that I am unable to travel to pupils' homes.

Dr Cathy Beck - Maths & English Tutor West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

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