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I am currently preparing students for the eleven plus (11+) English and maths, QTS literacy and numeracy examinations. I also tutor adult Japanese, Polish and Korean students in written and spoken English.

Price and Range:
My fees are 15 an hour per subject. In the event tht subjects are combined, my charged is reduced to 25 for both.

Personal Information:
I worked in the insurance industry for 17 years and when they relocated outside London, I felt confident that I could transfer my communication, literacy and numeracy skills to the teaching profession. I therefore pursued a degree in teaching and worked in primary, secondary and adult education.

I see learning as a partnership between tutor and tutee and that each student is unique and requires the adaptation of each lesson to meet the specific needs of the learner. I definitely do not ascribe to blanket teaching techniques. First and foremost the building of self-confidence is paramount. Students (adults/children) must be instilled with the 'can do' attitude. They must be aware that learning is all encompassing and a lifelong process and therefore must not be restricted to a few hours in the classroom.

For the Esol student communication is of primary importance and is possible even when mistakes are made. Grammar exercises and rules may be boring but playing games, praising and encouragement have been found to motivate students and improve learning as opposed to correcting them every 10 seconds.

With the dyslexic pupil, once the underlying causes have been established, it is essential to develop appropriate learning strategies and study skills. These may include memory exercises, dividing work into small, manageable portions.

My technique for the adult learner in basic skills is to determine their strengths/weaknesses with a diagnostic test.they are also given the opportunity to state frankly their areas of interest which are incorporated in teaching. Where an examination is pending, we acquaint ourselves with the syllabus requirements, practise and reinforce 'old' knowledge and then proceed to cover the new areas. Because of time constraints in some examinations, students are taught shortcuts, practise exercises to ensure deep understanding, speed and accuracy Mock examinations, study skills and homework form an integral part of the programme.

Barbara Foster - Literacy, Numeracy, ESOL & EFL Tutor Thamesmead, Abbeywood, South London

Barbara Foster

South London

Listing type: Tutor

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Up to 5 miles of SE28

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07936 579 064

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