Barbara Thomas - French, EFL & German Tutor St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Harpenden & Hatfield


  • KS3 French
  • A Level French
  • GCSE French
  • Advanced EFL
  • Secondary EFL
  • Beginner EFL
  • KS3 German

Areas Covered

I tutor French from Primary up to A level. I am aware of the new changes in the curriculum for both GCSE and A level. I also tutor Beginners German which covers the language up to the end of Year 9. Finally, I tutor English as a Foreign Language.

Price and Range:
Primary French 28
KS3 (Year 7-9) 30
Common Entrance 30
A level 35
Beginners German 30
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Children 30
EFL Older Learners 32

Personal Information:
My experience as a classroom teacher has allowed me to understand some of the reasons why students and adult learners wish to have the help of a tutor. Very often it is lack of confidence so it is reassurance which they require and someone to whom they can ask the "silliest" of questions. I like to think that I'm not judgemental in any way and that by being patient and understanding, I can help them gain confidence and increased motivation. I always ensure that I plan my lessons carefully and tailor them to the needs of the learner. I use a variety of resources including a computer, textbooks and worksheets and sometimes games and quizzes can be used to add more fun to the sessions.

Barbara Thomas - French, EFL & German Tutor St Albans

Barbara Thomas

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