Anthony Omorojor - Online Microsoft Excel Tutor & Online Maths Tutor


  • Up to AS Level Maths
  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • AS Level Maths
  • GCSE Maths
  • KS3 Maths
  • Up to A Level Maths
  • A Level Further Maths
  • Up to Degree level Further Maths
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel
  • Beginner Microsoft Excel

I offer the following subjects:
Mathematics - GCSE Level, A Level
Basic statistics, Quantitative Methods.
Excel, Microsoft Project, VBA, T-SQL, Power BI

Price and Range:
GCSE Maths 20/hour
A Level mathematics 25/hour
Excel, Microsoft Project, VBA - 20/hour
T-SQL, Power BI - 30/hour

Personal Information:
Ever since about the age of 11 I have been interested in mathematics and maths related subjects. Although I began a career in Engineering due to its maths content I soon moved into computing, using my analytical skills extensively.
I've always enjoyed teaching. Way back in secondary school I enjoyed solving problems and explaining the solutions to my school mates.
That's why when I decided to become a tutor 6 years ago it was an easy transition for me.
I believe in first understanding the student so I know the best way to put across my teaching methods.
Tuition is best done one to one. It is done online , using Zoom, Teams or Skype.

Anthony Omorojor - Online Microsoft Excel Tutor & Online Maths Tutor

Anthony Omorojor


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All days day and eve

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