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I teach all subjects from the Primary School curriculum. I also have an Article 39 in Latin as part of my MA degree qualification. Most of my students to date have had problems with Spelling , Reading and Maths.

Price and Range:
I charge 30 per hour which includes my travelling costs to the client . I live 30 miles from Aberdeen. I prefer to tutor in the client`s home as this helps them to concentrate better.

Personal Information:
I am a very active enthusiastic person with loads of energy . I walk and exercise daily and do puzzles for fun which can also boost your brain power and your bank balance. I socialize and arrange outings with friends so there is always something going on. I am very much the professional in work mode and give my client encouragement and short/long term goals to aim for . Learning can also be a fun experience if you are prepared to make the effort . I am happy to discuss any difficulties they might have and to suggest what could help them succeed.

Annette Main - English & Latin Tutor Aberdeen, Grampian

Annette Main

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Distance travelled:
Over 20 miles of DD10

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01561 362 758

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