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This is my 27th year as a teacher and I am very proud of that. I became interesting in tutoring a few years ago when I became involved in a 'Tutoring looked-after children' scheme to raise attainment. At the time I was a full-time classroom teacher so I didn't have time to pursue it. My passion was ignited again when last year I took on the role of Year 6 Booster teacher at a school in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Here I was working with groups and individuals to improve their SATs out comes.

Here is what the class teacher had to say after the results: Ann, I hope you’re well I just wanted to tell you our results: Reading 93% GD 40%, Writing 87% GD 37%, SPaG 90% GD 43%, Maths 90% GD 27%. Thanks for all your help and support with getting the children where they need to be. Heather Graham (Larks Hill J&I school). After this I tutored the daughter of one of the teachers here to pass the Wakefield Girls High School exam which she did with flying colours. Then Covid-19 struck and I found myself working full-time in a school again.

So I am now determined to become actively involved in catch-up tuition to help children who've missed out this year get where they want and need to be. I will be working in a school two days a week and the rest of the time I will be available to help with general attainment, SATs, 11+, entrance exams and more.

My qualifications are a PGCE from The School of Education, Leeds University (1993), Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, The Open University (2008) and a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy (2014). My coaching and psychology qualifications further enable me to motivate and inspire learners by setting achievable short-term goals based on individual motivation while building confidence and resilience.

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Up to 15 miles of LS25

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