Andrew McLeod - Politics, Study Skills, Literacy, English & 11+ Tutor Lewisham, Forest Hill, Bromley, Camberwell & Greenwich


  • A Level English
  • GCSE English
  • Adult Education English
  • KS3 English
  • Secondary 11 plus
  • A Level English Literature
  • All levels Literacy
  • Up to Post graduate level Politics
  • A Level Politics
  • All levels Study Skills

Areas Covered

GCSE; English Language, Literature & Functional Skills -all specifications
A Level; English Language, Literature, Language & Literature and Creative Writing, Communication & Culture, Government & Politics
Private/prep school entrance exam coaching

Price and Range:
Key Stage 2; 25 an hour
Key Stage 3, GCSE, Functional Skills; 30 an hour
A Level; 35 an hour or 45 for an hour and a half.
Independent senior school entrance exams; 27.50 then 10 for each additional half hour

Personal Information:
Dear parent or learner, If you're reading this maybe you've already decided that you are so concerned about how you or your son/daughter is going to do in English exams that you need to do something. Now.

I became a teacher because I know that for lots of different reasons, some students who should do well in English don't always manage to. They might have had to go overseas, or move to a different area or had a lot of time off school due to illness. Or they might just have a teacher that never seems to have enough time to help them. Whatever the reason, I really can help.

I have twenty years' experience teaching secondary, post-16 and adult learners but I've also had a lot of success tutoring primary students privately.

I am a qualified teacher with a PGCE in English and Media from North London University and I've also been a Head of Department so I know all about the new exams and the best ways to help your child succeed.

I started being a private tutor as a favour to friends who, like you, were worried about their children's future. My friends were so impressed that they recommended me to their friends soon I was having to turn people away. However now I only teach part time, I've got more time to teach one-to-one but I still always try to treat my students with the care and attention that I give to the children of my closest friends.

Recently an old friend who wanted to send their son to a private school asked me if I could help him prepare for the entrance exam. It wasn't something I'd done before but I gave it a go and sure enough my friend's son is now at a private school in Croydon.

I also specialise in teaching English young people and adults whose first language isn't English. I've helped Primary teachers who qualified overseas but couldn't get jobs here because they needed at least a B for GCSE English to get the qualification they needed.

Let me do the same for you.

Andrew McLeod - Politics, Study Skills, Literacy, English & 11+ Tutor Lewisham, South London

Andrew McLeod

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