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I teach Russian as a native or foreign language at all levels and have experience of teaching face-to-face and online both children and adults, as well as in group and class settings.

Price and Range:
I charge 30 per 60 min lesson with a 50% discount for the first one.

Personal Information:
I live and tutor near a picturesque village of Saltaire and I am also a part-time Project Officer at the University. I have over 25 years of tutoring experience and I used to teach English as a Foreign Language back in Russia. I come from the very western part of the Russian Federation - Kaliningrad city on the Baltic coast, where I spent 5 years at the University studying Languages and Linguistics. In 1997 I completed a Masters course in Linguistics and ELT at The University of York and the very next year I graduated from Bradford with a PG Diploma in Interpreting and Translation for International Business.

I also obtained a Qualified Teacher Status in 2003 upon completing a PGCE course and having worked at two local private schools. I have a solid experience of teaching in adult and community education sectors and enjoy group lessons tremendously!

My teaching of the language is closely entwined with the cultural information and realia objects. I like to think of myself as a self-appointed ambassador :-) of Russia, its people and their cultural heritage.

My teaching methods are built around the individual needs of each person, be it a visual or an auditory learner or whether you like to do your own research and share with me your findings. One thing for sure is that I quickly dispel a myth about the complexity of the Russian Alphabet. My learners can read just after 2 lessons!

Get in touch and see if I can help you open the door to a new life for you! :-)

Anastassia Belynskaia - Russian Tutor Bradford, West Yorkshire

Anastassia B

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