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I've experience of teaching Computer Science at KS3, KS4, KS5, university, and mature students. Currently I am teaching Computer Science and heads Computer Science department at a secondary school.

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Computer Science (GCSE) - 30.00
Computer Science (A Level) - 30.00

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My name is Ahmed and I enjoy teaching. This is why I've chosen this profession which allows me to deal with people from different background, understand their needs and take a challenge of helping them. The most important thing for me is seeing my student's satisfaction and I feel honoured when my students leave the session with positive learning.
I'm patient (as this is one of the important tools in order to be a successful teacher), friendly, and make sure to keep a rapport among my students. I feel it is important as a teacher to make your student believe that you are his mentor as a tutor/teacher and you are there to help him/her to get the best out of his/her personality.

I'm pleased to mention that I've been chosen as one of the best teachers in my school during the 2011-12 academic year, which is definitely an achievement for me as a teacher.

I've been teaching for 9 years. I completed degree from City University London in 2006 as a Software Engineer and then went on doing a few teacher training courses such as CELTA from International House London (direct partners of Cambridge University) and TESOL from ITTT. I've experience of teaching KS3, KS4, KS5, university, and mature students. Currently I'm working for a grammar school and heads a computer science department.

I've been teaching Computer Science, English and Urdu. I also worked in Hong Kong for a few years as a teacher and that surely helped me to understand the needs of a student from different perspective.
I'm a qualified teacher and completed my PGCE UCL (Institute of Education)

Ahmed Syed - Computing / Computer Science Tutor Maidenhead, Berkshire

Ahmed Syed

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